iPhone 11 Cases

Usually, when you’re trying to pick a new case for your iPhone 11, you’ll have to decide whether you should compromise on style or protection and functionality.
But that’s not how we look at it. Here at BURGA, we believe that your precious iPhone 11 deserves a case that’s not only trendy but also protective.
We have a large collection of iPhone 11 cases that come in a plethora of colors and patterns to suit all personalities. Whether you’re a minimalist who likes to keep it simple or a maximalist who values bold colors and patterns, we definitely have a case for you here.
BURGA cases cover full iphone 11 range, including iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Our cases come in two varieties: snap and tough. The snap cases are for those who want to protect their phone with a cool-looking case without making it significantly heavier or thicker.
On the other hand, the tough cases boast dual layers for more protection against accidental drops and bumps, making them a more favorable choice for those who prioritize toughness over compactness.
The iPhone 11 is criticized for being quite bulky due to its thick bezels, and that’s exactly why we’ve made sure that our cases don’t add any unnecessary breadth to your phone.
Not to mention, the iPhone 11 sports all-glass front and back panels. It also has a bit of a camera bump, which increases the chances of the lenses getting scratched. That’s why our cases have raised edges on the front and back to protect the glass panels and the camera bump from getting scratched or shattered.
Best iPhone 11 case covers that are not only protective but also beautiful and stylish at the same time. Step up your case game now, join 1M+ happy customers.

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