BURGA stands with Ukraine

At this very moment, the free people of Ukraine are fighting against a bloodthirsty and brutal invader. In response, BURGA has cut all commercial ties with the aggressor of this war, Russia, and its accomplice Belarus. We will no longer accept orders and fulfill deliveries of our products to these two countries.

As a Lithuania-based company, we are donating to the local NGO Blue/Yellow, which has supported Ukraine, its Armed Forces, and the civil population in the Donbas area since 2014. We have also provided humanitarian assistance by donating power banks and travel mugs.

Currently, we are gathering an extensive aid package consisting of supplies, medicine, and tech. And we are constantly thinking of new ways to assist Ukraine and its people.

We ask that you do not stay indifferent. This war is a war on democracy and freedom. Any help you can offer is valuable and will make a difference. Whether it’s peacefully protesting, speaking to your representatives, or donating money. Below is a list of trustworthy organizations in need of your support to continue caring for the people of Ukraine:

NGO Blue / Yellow
Red Cross Ukraine
Nova Ukraine
Razom for Ukraine
UN World Food Programme

Слава Україні!
The BURGA Team

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